The workshop took place at Özel Ari Okulu (Private Bee School) a private school in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.  The workshop was initiated by Cüneyt Pala, a Turkish Kaospilot, in collaboration with Özlem Hakanoglu, one of the parents at the school. The workshop took place in 2008.

Ankara has a population of 4.4 million people, making it the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. Historically, the production of Mohair have been an important part of the city’s economy, but these days a large percentage of the employment is provided by the state institutions.

首都アンカラにある私立校(Bee学校)で2008年に開かれたワークショップは、トルコ人改革者Cüneyt Pala氏の発議と保護者Özlem Hakanoglu氏の協力により実現しました。




2008 Özel Ari Okulu Ankara, Turkey