Creating local role models

Measuring social outputs, outcomes and impact is vital to Kids Have a Dream. Here, we would like to share a few impact stories with you.

We were honored to have the Danish politician Uffe Elbæk attending the opening of the “Kids Have A Dream” exhibition at the Scandinavian Center in Århus in 2009. Here he saw a drawing by a young Danish boy with the title: “I dream of a new timetable at school”. Mr. Elbæk was so inspired by this idea that he named his political campaign “Et Andet Skema” (Engl. A New Agenda) after it. The campaign was very successful and Uffe Elbæk was elected for the Danish Parliament in 2011 and served as Minister of Culture in Denmark!

100 design and art students from Nairobi University participated in two Dream Workshops in December 2009. Many of the students expressed a desire to become teachers or to help children growing up in poverty. Five students were subsequently invited to join the project founder and co-facilitate a Dream Workshop for 50 children in Nairobi´s largest squatter camp, Kibera. It was their first time to visit a squatter camp!

During another Dream Workshop in one of Cape Town’s most dangerous squatter camps, Wesbank, it became obvious to the facilitator, Quinton Adams, that the children were missing safe and fun after-school activities. He therefore started the “I Have a Dream” children’s choir. The choir practised every week and was attended by 40 children. However at their first concert, three weeks after the choir was started, there were more than 80 children on stage

Billede 4choir

 ”Childrens´ dreams will become true through this project” – Mrs. Thomas, local minister, Wesbank, Cape Town, South Africa