Dream it – Do it!

In order for the workshops and exhibitions to happen, we rely on help from good-hearted volunteers around the globe. The project is carried out at local level by partner organizations such as youth groups, schools and humanitarian organizations.

Would you like to organize a Dream Workshop? The workshop can be hosted in your local village or city by a local person they trust. At the workshop they are encouraged to visualize their personal dream for the future through the medium of art. During the Dream Workshop each child is to draw or paint about his/her dream, to end the legendary sentence “I have a dream…” Art is used as a unifying language, understood across borders, cultures and ages. The project is designed in a way, which makes it easy and to replicate, localize and implement in any community, because it draws on resources which are already present at local level.

The “Kids Have A Dream” exhibition is a collection of selected dream drawings. The exhibition travels through some of the participating countries, where it is presented to students, the wider public, politicians, policy makers and local media, for educational, advocacy and fundraising purposes.

HPIM4101IMG_6933homework class

”It brought hope to me, to be there and learn new things”

— Sonja, 11, Wesbank, Cape Town, South Africa