Imagination Beyond Borders

The “Kids Have A Dream” exhibition is a collection of selected dream drawings. The exhibition travels through some of the participating countries, where it is presented to students, the wider public, politicians, policy makers and local media, for educational, advocacy and fundraising purposes.
2006 – Nesbyen – Norway
The very first exhibition opened at Hallingdal Museum, Norway, in June 2006. The exhibition was supposed to be open for 3 months over the summer, but due to public demand by the local secondary and high school, the exhibition stayed open for an addtional month, so the teachers could use the exhibition for their social science classes. Without the support from the passionate staff at Hallingdal Museum, it is very likely that We Have a Dream would never have grown and become the global project it is today.
2008 -Tromsø – Norway

We were invited to show the dreams of youth from around the world as a part of the 2008 Annual Nelson Mandela Commemorative Celebrations in Tromso. T

he exhibition was carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian NGO Think Mental Fashion, which is run by the passionate social entrepreneur Børre Sørdal. The exhibition was carefully planned at put up by the two KaosPilot graduate students, Kia Aulie and Erik Getz Skotvedt.

On another occation we collaborated yet again with Think Mental Fashion ( and exhibited at Tromsø Univeristy Hospital in the children´s wing, to inspire the kids while they were in receiving treatment.

2008 – Aarhus – Denmark

The exhibition was organized by 35 KaosPilot students in their first year of studies. The students were given the task to create the exhibition in just 2 weeks time. It turned into two extremely hectic weeks, but the exhibition went up in time and even had new entries from places like Iraq, Turkey and Cuba. The exhibition was held at Scandinavian Centre in downtown Aarhus in collaboration with Amnesty International Denmark.

2009 – Oslo – Norway

A short term exhibition was put up in the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs in 2009, as part of the UNAIDS Vision 2030 negotiations.

2012 – Tokyo – Japan

The first We Have a Dream Exhibition in Japan took place on March 7th 2012, as a part of the The Inaugural Katerva Conference on Innovation in Sustainability at United Nations University Headquarters, in Tokyo. We exhibited 100 dreams from 12 countries incl. Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Denmark, Norway, Rwanda, South Africa, Canada and Cuba.

2012 – Berlin – Germany

Another short term exhibition was put up during the Rotary Global Peace Forum Berlin (30 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2012), to support and inspire Rotary club members, community leaders and youth to work for peace in their daily lives. The event was attended by approximately 1,200 Rotary members and other supporters of Rotary’s peace efforts from around the world. You can read about one of our favorite moments from the forum here.

2013 – Istanbul – Turkey

Once more we were invited to exhibit at a Rotary Peace Forum. This time in Istanbul (Sept 25th 2013), to support and inspire Rotary members by showing dreams from around the world including 70 art works from two schools in Istanbul. The workshops took place the day before the Peace Forum, so the paint had barely dried!

… Where is next?

Let us know if you have a location in mind for a short or long term Kids Have a Dream exhibition. Please contact us!