The Voices of Tomorrow

“Kids Have A Dream” is a global art and education project visualizing childrens’ dreams. More than 3,000 youth aged 10-15 have participated in countries such as Japan, Kenya, Iraq, Cuba, Mongolia, India, Palestine and Vietnam know.

We believe that a child can inspire an entire community to change – and we empower them do it! By empowering local change around the world, we nurture a culture of co-pendency and personal responsibility.

We work to inspire personal imagination, empower local change and bring global understanding, by organizing global workshops for young people. Our mission is to make youth reflect upon their own dreams and spark their curiosity of people who are different from them. Through art-therapy and pro-active coaching workshops we inspire and empower global youth to make a difference at local level. We believe that everybody has dreams, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, religion and social status, and that we are dependent on one another to make our dreams come true.

We believe that positive change comes from raised self-awareness, that local action comes from a supportive community and that global understanding is born out of curiosity. The children we have worked with know few boundaries in their imagination and their ability to dream is a potential source of innovation that moves all of us forward.

We make children’s dreams heard, not just because they could be the voices of tomorrow’s leaders, but because we believe that children’s voices and dreams can change the world we live in today!

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“The creativity of the ”Kids Have a Dream” project is much valued in that this project is unique and global in its approach. It brings together children’s messages of hope and peace by using the medium of art. These messages can be shared amongst children from all corners of the globe and as a result a whole culture of dialogue and understanding for humanity can be fostered”- Ntsika Dlamini, representing the Mandela family at the Annual Nelson Mandela Commemorative Celebrations in Tromso, Norway, 2009